How To Make India Water Resilient?

Venue: MMA Center

Date: 11.05.2023


  • Mridula Ramesh- CEO, Sundaram Textiles
  • Amith Chandra- Chairman, Bain capital
  • Rajendra Singh- Indian water Conservationist and Environmentalist
  • Ranganath NK- Grundfos pumps India

Ms. Mridula Ramesh’s research, conducted by the Sundaram Climate Institute, reveals the severity of the water crisis in India and proposes solutions to address it. The research was based on detailed field data and involved speaking to thousands of people across the country. The study found that the water crisis is deep and unequal, and without intervention, it will only worsen. The research suggests that each individual must take responsibility for building water resilience in their respective cities, and this can only be achieved by working together.

There were some notable observations made by experts in the field. Mam suggested that urban people should pay for water to increase their awareness of water conservation. Dr. Rajendra Singh, who is from a rural area, noted that people in rural Rajasthan are more conscious of water conservation and are capable of building their own dams without government funding. Mr. Ravichandran Purushothaman concluded that Ms. Ramesh’s research is primarily suited for urban people because they tend to be less conscious about water conservation. He further suggested that urban people need to be educated about water conservation.

Overall, Ms. Ramesh’s research highlights the need for urgent action to address the water crisis in India, which can be achieved through individual responsibility and collective effort.

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