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Let’s talk about the few interesting thoughts that every student will have before or after joining the college. They would be thinking of placement, quality of education, life that changes them after the completion of their education and so on. I had the same thoughts and so do many of us. The decisions that we take make us more productive or keep us in the confusing stage. Thoughts can be changed but the facility I have seen here made me think straight through the successful piece of art.

People in our society are all ways more unlikable and propel us through the goal which may not be liked by us. But here at CSB, things are totally different from society and other b-schools. CSB helps us to reach our goals in the areas where we like; that can mold each and every Student as the future of the upcoming generation. It is not just showcasing but it’s the confidence we receive from CSB.

Here comes Crescent School of Business (CSB), which made me think through the thoughts of my career path. This B- School is not only showing us the path but also ensures us to get leadership capabilities by interacting with the people from corporate, through which we can gain the at most knowledge and create a network with them.

Time= knowledge in CSB

CSB is a Flexible open book. It lets us learn as much as we can and provide the assistance if needed in our pursuit. Customized courses are available according to our own preferences. We have good infrastructure as well as international faculty for imparting knowledge and outstanding connectivity and interactions, which allow us to gain more expertise in the subjects we like to learn.

What we learn here is mostly what happens in the current industry with real time examples of industry application and knowledge from industry visits. Managerial activities are frequently done to give us a corporate style of exposure. Student’s lives might have some common aspects, but when they are grouped together, we learn from each individual’s perspective.

CSB transforms an individual to a professional and shows them to learn how to function within the framework of large, diverse groups. The life in CSB teaches students to think for themselves as individuals and support team work. Independence is a stage of life where students develop their own performances, improving day by day that gives an individual the freedom to live and that is where Crescent school of business (CSB) plays a key role in the success of passion.

Every person may have positive and negative,

Positive + Negative=Balance

CSB gives you the vision to stay positive and maintain balance in your life.

In my life I have seen many people, with attitude and pride but all are mostly passing clouds but the life in CSB is unforgettable. Being positive and staying positive is what I am learning from CSB now.

Dilip Reddy
Dilip Reddy
PGDM Batch 2019-2021

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