Life At CSB

At CSB, life and learning go hand in hand. The serene surroundings on campus will prove to be stimulating to the mind and nurture thought. This wholesome and enriching experience is what the PGDM Programme, at CSB promises to impart.

Campus and Residence


Our campus is situated in the heart of Chennai, on Anna Salai. Spread over a plush 24,000 square feet, students have access to world-class amenities. Located at a minute’s walk from The British Council, 10 minutes from Greams Road and 20 minutes from Khader Nawaz Khan road, you can be assured that students will never have a dull moment.


Clubs and Activities

At CSB, we believe that learning without a healthy exposure to social culture is incomplete. Through clubs and related activities at CSB, students will have the opportunity to develop their talents based on their interests. Over the course of the year, students will be exposed to the culture of the city, performing arts and related activities through specially curated heritage walks and guest lectures. Students may form associations for, but not limited to:

• Public speaking
• Theatre and dramatics
• Painting, sculpture, and craft
• Music – vocal and instrumental
• Reading groups and literary criticism
• Film appreciation
• Dance – classical and contemporary
• Quizzing
• Sports and athletics
• Entrepreneurship
• Community service
• Environment

Possibilities and Opportunities

While at CSB, we want students to push themselves beyond their comfort zone, and discover their strengths and weaknesses. Students will be exposed to various methods of teaching, and a spectrum of activities ranging from internships with CEOs to Community service. This would include but is not limited to:

• Community service
• Environmental Conservation Activities
• Lectures, Workshops, and Seminars
• Guest lectures
• Cultural Activities
• Field trips
• Leadership building with Social Responsibility


Core Values of Student Life

The CSB philosophy encompasses the following:

• Clarity in thought and action
• Eye for detail
• A sense of curiosity
• The ability to question
• Equity and equality
• Dignity and Pride
• Social and Environmental responsibility
• Personal growth
• Integrity and Accountability
• Humility and Transparency

Student Life

At CSB, our focus is on building dynamic leaders for the new economy. What happens outside the classroom is just as important as what happens inside. Students will have exposure to an enabling environment where they learn to ask and engage with critical questions, and constantly push themselves to evolve as a professional. The programme will require students to be a part of a full-time residential facility to further heighten peer learning.

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