9 Cool things to do in Chennai

Thinking of choosing Chennai as a study destination? The good news is that the city is not only an educational hub but also a go-to place for a good cultural and gastronomic experience. At Crescent School of Business, here is our chart-topping list of things to do:
1. Get your fortune told by a parrot at Marina Beach

What better way to foresee your future than surrender to parrots and their cards of wisdom? The beaches of Chennai have many such fortune tellers with their trotting parrots – the visitors listen in awe as the fortune teller reads out the parrot’s choice of cards.

2.Experience South Indian culture at Dakshina Chitra

Want to experience the rich cultural & religious heritage of South India? Visit the Dakshina Chitra Heritage Museum and 18 other authentic cultural houses spread across South India exhibiting these arts to the public.

3.Stand in awe at the gopurams of Kapaleeshwarar Temple

The 1400-year-old temple stands testimony to the architectural magnificence of Tamil Nadu’s royal dynasties. Spending a quiet evening at the temple, observing the devotees in prayer is a great way to spend time here. The temple’s Bramhotsavam festival in March/April sees the deities paraded around the streets.

4.Fly kites, shoot balloons and eat sundal and bajjis by Edward Elliot’s beach

Relatively less crowded than Marina, with the Karl Schmidt memorial standing royally amidst the vastness, this beach offers a getaway from the mundane blues of life.

5. A day trip to Pondicherry, Auroville

When it’s a 3 hour trip, you don’t want to miss out on the immaculately clean French colonies, food, beaches of Pondicherry & the experience of the experimental lifestyle of Auroville.

6. Get a splash of surfing at Covelong Point

One of the best surfing spots in India shall not be absent from this list. ‘Fish at night & surf in the day’ is the mantra local fishermen follow. This place also has one of the few surf schools running in India and also hosts the Annual Surf, Music & Yoga festival in September every year.

7.Visit the San Thome Cathedral Basilica

This 16th century founded Roman Catholic Cathedral has its legends as old as the church itself. It is said to mark the final resting place of St. Thomas the Apostle who brought Christianity to the Subcontinent. Visit the Tomb of St. Thomas that still a tiny bone fragment.

8.Take a catamaran ride at Palavakkam Beach

Experience a 60 Minute thrilling yet safe Catamaran ride in the sea & hurl yourself into the Arabian  sea at a cost of just Rs.500!

9.Visit the Kalakshetra school

Set in the south of Chennai, this school is a center for artistic pursuits. It is the hub of Performing & Visual Arts and Secondary schooling. The community hosts many campus visits, events, heritage tours throughout the year.

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